Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Chaos and Recovery

The above 2 words really do a wonderful job of describing the time since my last posting, which was a long ass time ago unfortunately. I was caught up in the last weeks of summer and the first couple weeks of my junior year of college, as I type I sit with numerous pages of reading on my desk that are yet to be scanned. I say chaos and recovery because if you have ever moved into a college room/suite/dorm/townhouse, you know how it goes. Add to this the fact that I am living with 5 other guys, all of whom are awesome, but all of whom, myself included, don't havea fucking idea how to decorate an appartment. So...it's been two weeks and our common room's decorative scheme could be called "Beer, Chicks, and Stolen Shit. Our most recent addition to the place is a ten foot, metal sign displaying my school's name and catch phrase. It was discovered in the woods behind the baseball field, and I almost cried with happiness when I finally saw it hung up, partially because I have no idea how it's still hanging up there, and partially because I had the shitty feeling in general that comes from staying up until 3 in the morning drinking and repeatedly riding a slip and slide while portraying different sexual positions with my best friend...Whatever, I'm in college, it's ok to do things like this until I graduate, then I have to be proper...shit.
Anyway, first weeks of junior year, loving life, starting to see what it is like for people who didn't play sports in school, because I am currently enjoying my first school semester ever without playing a sport. It' so insane that all I have to do is schoolwork...that's it...no meetings, no captain's practices, no regular practices, no NCAA forms, no lifting tests (although I still work out every day with my friend, who is so jacked that he discovers new veins on a daily basis),no bullshit from the coaches, I have to say it's pretty damn awesome. Living with 5 other guys has got to be the best experience ever, there is always something to do, a beer pong table is permanently erected, Mario Kart battles rage daily, and in general we have an awesome time, I couldn't ask for a better living situation.
I need to go do homework. Just in case your curious as to what I am reading, which your probly not but fuck it it's my blog haha, I am reading an excerpt from "The Things They Carried" by Tim O' Brien and will later be reading "Hard Times" by Dickens. I know right, don't get too excited..Until I post again, have a wonderful September and live it up.

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